Latin...The Lost Language - 4 Reasons to Give it a Go

Latin...The Lost Language - 4 Reasons to Give it a Go

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There has been huge debate (especially recently) on the usage of the Latin Language in the Catholic Church. I want to give you just four reasons why it is not only good, but necessary for our faith.

Firstly, I'd like to say that I'm not some sort of hardcore Latin fanatic that believes it is the only way. I am, however, a Catholic. There are many beautiful facets to the Faith that are good, true and beautiful. It should not be a "pick n mix" faith but one that is all encompassing - all or nothing! I choose to embrace every part of the Catholic Faith that has been handed down from generation to generation right from the beginning, in the early Church.

As I sat in Eucharistic Adoration, one day, I looked upon the words "Adoro Te Devote" draped across the front of the altar. It's an angelic Eucharistic hymn written by St. Thomas Aquinas meaning, "I adore Thee devoutly". It became my prayer that day and the next and the next. I couldn't quite shake it from my mind, and I knew the Lord was prompting me to do something with it. Little did I know, eight months later, I'd be ready to start up my own business with those few words at the centre. 

Below are four reasons why everyone needs a little more Latin in their lives.


Latin is a language that transcends the heart and draws us closer to God. Have you ever participated in a Latin liturgy or benediction (with all the smells and bells)? It is beautiful! It creates this otherworldly feel that gives us a foretaste of Heaven. It is mystical and powerful to adore and worship God in a way that is only fitting for Him. It is much more than just a beautiful language as it captivates us ands attracts us to the very being Who is Love and Beauty itself.


Throughout the history of the Church, Latin has been the predominant language used by Catholics. It was only within the last century that it has decreased in popularity in favour of the vernacular. The vast majority of Saints used this language to pray, and we can unite our prayers with theirs, here today, when we pray in Latin also. We have been given a great cloud of witnesses to aid us in our journey to Heaven. Wouldn't it be amazing if we were to imitate them?


You may, or may not, know that Latin is the universal language of the Church. It may have dwindled in usage, but it is still the language that unites each and every one of us. It may appear out-dated, in some regards, but no matter where you go in the world it is the one langauge that brings us together. There's a familiarity that is engrained in each of us in comparison to our own native tongue.


Finally, we have one of the greatest arguments for the Latin Language. It is one of the three Sacred Languages - Hebrew, Greek and Latin. You could say that's because of their use in scripture or tradtion, but you'd be wrong. It is actually for a very specific reason. When Jesus was condemned to die upon the cross, there were three languages also there with Him... INRI (Jn 19:19-20). Because of this very reason the devil despises its use more than the vernacular. For the day he thought was his greatest victory was actually the day of his greatest defeat. When faced with periods of spiritual warfare, praying in Latin can be more efficacious, although of course God hears all our prayers. 


I am not sharing this with you in order to intimidate or frighten you; my desire is to inspire you. Try it for yourself and see. This is just one part of the whole picture, but I promise you it's worth it! 

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